...Beenies are red, trousers are blue

Camel Coat - Next
Beenie Hat - H&M Mens
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Brocade Trousers - H&M Trend
Leather Gloves (In pocket) - H&M
Mini Tote Bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Pointed Wedges - H&M 

Happy belated Valentines Day to all my readers, i hope you had a wonderful day whatever your relationship status may be. I got really into it this year, my new 'Fiancee' label made me feel like there was abit more of a reason to celebrate.

This outfit was a few days prior, another cold day which called for layers and winter pieces but i added some summer brights to keep it interesting.
This shirt was a sale find i picked up a couple of summers ago, i love the intense pink colour with the contrasting white buttons and theres a cute neon emblem on the cuff which is a nice touch. 
So fashion week is in full swing, are any of you attending any shows this season? For me its just business as usual, i have a wedding to plan! 
Word on the street is that the temperatures are set to rise slightly over the next week, hopefully coat season is nearly over.

Lisa x


  1. LOVE this color combo and those pants are amazing!
    Good luck with the wedding planning..it can be VERY stressful ;)
    Sheree xxx

    1. Thanks sheree :) hopefully I can keep the stress to a minimum but I'm sure there will be some along the way! Lots to do xx

  2. Love your pants and that lovely mix of colors!



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