Shirt - H&M Menswear
Sweatshirt - H&M Menswear
Necklaces - Market Stall
Pencil Skirt - New Look
Bag - H&M
Heels - ZARA

...With the silhouette of the season voluminous and oversized, i have been following suit and buying my clothes a little bigger. 
You might recognise these shots if you picked up last weeks LOOK Magazine from the 'Work Your Basics' feature. I was given a leather pencil skirt to work into my wardrobe over 7 days and this is one of the looks i came up with.
This mens sweatshirt is a purchase i'm so glad i made, i found it months ago whilst doing a spot of competitive shopping. I layered it over a white shirt to smarten it up and added two jewelled necklaces for a ladylike contrast. I have been finding alot of great jewellery at the moment from market stalls and asian shops, it is much cheaper than buying on the highstreet.
Thank you to all my readers who bought the magazine and special thanks to the LOOK Magazine Team for the amazing feature.

Lisa x


  1. Just found your blog and I'm already in love :) You've a great, great sense of style, super original! My style it's changing a lot and it's always amazing to find inspiration, great blog! :) Totally following you! LOVE every single piece and the styling is simply superb!


  2. wow ! such an amazing look ! You have a perfect style ! would You like to follow each other ?

  3. I am obsessed with sweatshirts now and this is perfection with the leather and necklace..Love!!!!!following on Bloglovin..so glad to have found you!
    Best from NY
    Sheree xxx

    1. Thank you so much sheree! You just made my day with your lovely comments, and what a lovely blog you have too xx


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