Pyjama Suit - River Island
Bag - Celine Trio Bag
Heels - ZARA

…After dabbling with various pyjama inspired looks in the past i decided the trip to Venice would be the perfect time to commit. 
You have no idea how many strange looks i got but on the plus it was the most comfortable sight seeing attire ever!
I love the fine details this suit has, the contrasting white trim, tassle trouser tie and the pocket embroidery all add to pyjama perfection.

This was the final day in Venice which was mainly spent picking up last minute souvenirs. Any coffee lovers planning a trip to Venice, i highly recommend 'Torrefazione Marchi' on Strada Nuovo in the Cannaregio neighbourhood. It is a small stand up bar and is the oldest coffee roaster in Venice dating back to the 1930s. Perfect stop off for an espresso power up but i mainly go to stock up on bags of the stuff to take home!

Lisa x

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