Beenie - H&M Mens
Peplum Tee - H&M Trend
Necklaces (two layered) - Primark
Pencil Skirt - Topshop
Embroidered Bag - ZARA
PVC Sandals - Missoni

Fall is in full swing, its November next week and christmas decorations are already starting to appear.
I am really enjoying autumn so far and have completley embraced the seasons warm colour palette…oranges, mustards, greens and beautiful burgandys are doing wonders for my wardrobe.

This outfit is a second post from my trip to Venice, this look i wore for a day trip to Verona - a beautiful romantic city with a laid back mediterranean feel.
Anyone visiting this city, make sure to stop by ‘Ristorante Milio’ it is literally the most amazing food i have ate in my life. You will find it on ‘Santa Anastasia’ and of course you have to stop by Juliets balcony and the bronze statue of juliet for good luck.

It was abit rainy and humid on this day so instead of wrestling with my hair i wore this colbalt blue mens beenie. The rest of the outfit was very ladylike with a nipped in waist, pencil skirt and jewelled necklaces so the beenie gave abit of colour and contrast.
The mini embroidered velvet bag is a favourite purchase of mine this season from ZARA, small and perfectly formed.

Lisa x


  1. ah i love everything about this outfit! <33

    Pumps & Kicks


  2. I love the colour of your beanie. Seriously can't believe it's November next week and I'm very jealous that you've been to Venice

  3. So many things to love about your outfit: the blue beanie brings out the birds on your bag; the double layer of necklaces; and then....the shoes. So cool.
    x Laura

  4. Awesome pics! I love the sandals:)



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