...Postcards From Italy - Pisa

 From the top
Front of the Duomo
Coffee & shop window styling
The streets of Pisa
The boyfriends shirt pocket,Leaning Tower posing
Amazing pizza
Outfit pics
Banks of The Arno river

My trip to Italy seems like a lifetime ago and i intended to share pics of my time there well before now. I visited several cities over my two weeks and had such an amazing time. I fell head over heels for Italy last year, if you havent visited make sure you put it on your bucket list. With hundreds of images infront of me, i've  decided to break them down into each city so i can also share with you any tips and must sees.

I only spent a short time in Pisa so i dont have alot of recommendations but my main one is this. Make sure you check out the market stalls which line The River Arno. There is alot to look at, both second hand and new. Furniture, jewellery, clothing, books and art. I could have literally spent hours rummaging and if i had known about it beforehand, would have taken an empty suitcase! I bought some beautiful pearl drop earrings but some of the second hand furniture was absolutley amazing.
I am not sure if this market is always there or if it is only on at certain times of the month and we hit lucky. It is quite a long stretch and begins roughly where Via Santa Maria joins the river front.
For a light breakfast, coffee or sweet treat make sure you stop by Cafe I Miracoli on the corner of Via Santa Maria opposite The Leaning Tower. They have an amazing selection of cakes and pastries for great prices. My favourite for an espresso, salmon and caviar croissant at the bar and an amazing view of the tower.

Lisa x 

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  1. eri a pisa ! peccato non lo sapevo,io vivo qui:)

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