Mirrored Sunglasses - ZARA Mens
Pear Tshirt - ZARA
Collar Necklace - H&M
Structured Skirt - H&M Skirt
Tote Bag - Mulberry
Pointed Heels - ZARA

…A weekend off work and more importantly a weekend of sunshine!
The sun came out to play which meant finally i was able to leave the house with bare arms and legs and i even managed to wear my mirrored sunglasses.
I bought these sunglasses a while back, they are actually mens glasses and they even fold up. The mirrored lenses mean they take on a variation of colours depending on the light and surroundings.
The pear t-shirt is a recent purchase from Zara, the print makes me think of old italy, like it wouldnt be out of place on an italian housewifes apron or something. My mother thinks i’m crazy but i feel like Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana would understand my train of thought after their Spring Summer 2012 collection.

Lisa x

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