...Pink & Perspex

Shirt - M&S
Pleated Skirt - Topshop
Neon Jewel Earrings - H&M
Fishscale Clutch Bag - Zara
Perspex & PVC Sandals - Missoni

....Certain pieces of clothing force you to wipe the drool from your face and make your way to a till point. This skirt was one of those pieces, neon pink, pleated, sheer, calf length and most importantly on sale.
With the sun peeping through the clouds and dinner plans on the cards, i was given the option to testdrive my new purchases - skirt and sandals.
Not only are the Missoni sandals pretty to look at but they are also extremley comfortable, makes the splurge all the more worth it. Sometimes, if your able to you have to treat yourself.

Lisa x


  1. Great outfit, people always forget about M&S but they have some really pieces and always good for a shirt as the quality is always good.


  2. Beautiful post. I love the flowi-ness of the clothes (if that's even a word :) )



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