...Girl In The Striped Pyjamas

Shirt - H&M
Striped Trousers - River Island
Blazer - ZARA
Perspex Heels -ZARA
Bag - ZARA

Bottom Image:
Greta Garbo & Adrian Greenberg

...I've dabbled with the pyjama look several times before, insanely comfortable, practical and effortlessly chic - perfect attire for a day off.
The striped trousers i'm wearing are part of a suit (i will post outfit pics of this from Italy soon). The thick stripes remind me of styles worn in eras past and of an image in particular of Greta Garbo which i posted here last year. 
Costume designer Adrian Greenberg (pictured above) popularised the pyjama look after he dressed Garbo in mens silk pyjamas for the film 'Single Standard' in 1929 , at the time they became the height of fashion and the look has crept back time and time again.
The pyjama style shirt was a purchase i made from H&M in Italy, i can't tell you how long i've been searching for a shirt of this style. This H&M version is a perfect nude colour and has an olive green trim, i can think of a hundred ways i will be wearing this already.

Lisa x 

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