...Urban Jungle

Blazer - H&M
T-shirt - ZARA Mens
Trousers - ZARA
Clutch Bag - ZARA
Sandals - ZARA

Its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how i keep from going under…

An old favourite, yes thats right the temperature is up (a little), its time to bring out my all time favourite sandals!
Followers of my blog may remember these from last summer, they pretty much featured in almost every outfit post i made. God knows what the price per wear is, at only £29.99, i wish i had bought these in the tan colour too.

This inbetween seasons stage is a tricky time, its mild enough to start incorporating sandals into my outfits but is it a little too early to bring out the big guns? the florals, tropical prints and head to toe pastels
I seem to be building up a collection of amazing new pieces in my wardrobe but i’m just not ready to wear them yet, it feels like it would be a waste.
Certain articles of clothing are made for summertime, i mean real full blown summertime…holidays abroad and hot and sticky nights. 

Yes you can style then with knitwear and neutrals to make them weather appropriate but that just wouldnt be doing them justice.
Whilst holding my ‘hero pieces’ hostage, i’ve been looking to the menswear collections to inspire me. Tailoring, safari influenced colour palettes and wardrobe staples are the perfect antidotes.
I’m no stranger to mixing it up, working in mens fashion means i have to keep an eye on the competitors so i often shop from mens stores aswell as ladies. If you dont already, maybe start to have a sneaky peek too, you will be suprised how many unisex pieces there are!

 It might be something as simple as the fit of the t-shirts suiting your body shape better. You never know, that dream ethnic printed shirt you were after could be right there waiting for you.

Lisa x

...Silence Speaks Volumes

 Images via www.style.com

....There is something magical about backstage photography at fashion shows. All the prep work that goes into a matter of minutes of showtime. 
No music, no movement, no fancy sets or lighting just organised chaos and half dressed models stopping for a picture or two. 
It takes quite alot for me to want to watch a live streaming of a collection but Calvin Klein always leaves me wanting more, season after season.
A predominantly black collection this time around from Francisco Costa, still with a feminine and minimalistic feel but with a new volumised silhouette.  The focus was all on the waist with metal band belts used to cinch in shapely coats and jackets. Hem lines stayed below the calf and funnel style necks were a key design feature throughout. Leather and wool gave shape and structure to the pieces and sheer panels were included to remind us again of the brands underwear empire. Overall a demure and refined collection with a cool modern edge.

Lisa x

....Shoes&Sashimi and TheBlogust

....I was contacted by Nil from Parisian blog 'TheBlogust' recently asking to interview me for the page. It is a brilliant blog filled with interviews on other bloggers such as the beautiful Peony Lim and fabulous street style photographer Lee Oliveira. It is a great place to find new and inspiring blogs from all over the world, well known blogs and the up and coming too. Head over to TheBlogust to find out why i chose the name for my blog and a few other things you didnt know about me. Thank you Nil xx

Lisa x

....In my heart

Jumper - M&S
Dress - Topshop
Bag - H&M
Shoes - Kurt Geiger

For the man in my life….
‘I carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) I am never without it
(anywhere i go, you go my dear, and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling)’ 

– EE Cummings

 ....Valentines – A day of celebration for those lucky enough to be in love and a day like every other for the rest of the world.
I am a hopeless romantic and for me Valentines is a day which is quite special. Dinner and a movie with my beau. I wanted to look lady like and elegant strolling around on his arm but not too overdressed for the cinema, a slip dress and jumper ticked all my boxes.I bought this dress in black and the champagne colour from Topshop around christmas time, it has spaghetti straps and a slit at the front and back which gives it perfect movement when you walk.
The weather has finally picked up and there are rumours of temperatures getting into double figures soon. If i had worn this outfit last week i would have froze! Feeling warm and optimistic i kept the colour palette light but added the burgandy heels for a little pop and a reminder that it aint summer yet!
However you spent your Valentines, in or out of love, i hope you had a wonderful day.

Lisa x

...Superhero Status

Images via Style.com 

....Mr Lim, you have done it again!
Not the most inivitive collection of New York Fashion Week but for me the 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall Collection was definitley the most wearable.
A far cry from his Spring Summer pastel dominated collection which has sent the fashion world on a major sugar rush. He stuck to a sophisticated monochromatic palette this time, with hints of burgandy, cream and teal. The brands signature effortlessly chic look was present throughout with tailored trousers and detailed knitwear but was given superhero status with metallic 'wonderwoman' style boots and metallic collars.
 'Strong clothes for strong women' was the inspiration for the collection and the idea of women being superheroes. His first model walked out wearing a cape and to the soundtrack...'A Mans World'
If you didnt love him before, you just have to now!

Lisa x

....Colour Flash

Blazer - Zara
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Trousers - H&M
Bag - Zara
Heels - River Island

…Why is it winter always seems never ending?
Grey days, dark nights and continuous icy weather warnings had me completley over this season months ago!
With the beginning of New York Fashion Week today showcasing the collections for the next fall, surely a glint of summer sun must be almost on the horizon..right?
Wishful thinking maybe, in the meantime i will get my kicks from injecting little flashes of colour into my wardrobe like this bright pink Ralph Lauren shirt.
A statement piece which i will be wearing well into the summer months in a gorgeous shade of pink, a far cry from the soft pastel palette which seems to be taking over my wardrobe at the moment.
New season trends are inspiring and tempt you to try something new, but sometimes the most rewarding outfits, are the ones that really feel like you.
Lisa x

...Company Magazine

Leather Waistcoat - Topshop
Roll Neck Jumper - H&M
Cropped Jumper - H&M
Trousers - H&M
Heels - River Island
Bag - Mulberry

....On Friday, i got news that Company Magazine wanted to feature my looks in their 'Week In Style' segment on their website. They wanted a description to go with 7 of my looks emailed to them asap so they could get it online straight away. I literally had to scribble something on my lunchbreak and hope i hadnt made any spelling mistakes!
You can find the full feature Here , be sure to have yourselves a little look.

Lisa x

....Cafe Society

US Harpers Bazaar March 12 Issue
Cafe Society Editorial, Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld
Photos via Fashionising

...With a trend for 1920's inspired movies taking place at the cinemas this year - The Artist and The Great Gatsby being the main influencers. 
Fashion has too turned to the roaring 20s for inspiration.
With designers including Ralph Lauren (The label behind the designs of the original Great Gatsby movie) and Gucci channeling the flapper look in their spring summer collections and magazines dubbing 'The Gatsby Era' as a big fashion trend for the season ahead.
Karl Lagerfeld has also channeled the 1920s in an editorial he's photographed for the recent issue of US Harpers Bazaar. Shot in black and white -signature Lagerfeld, the result is simply divine. 
Short waves, elegant bias cut gowns and double breasted trouser suits are worn by three of the worlds top models - Joan Smalls, Arizona Muse and Saskia De Brauw.  
The three beauties completley embody the name and story of the editorial - 'Cafe Society.' (A name used in the 20's and 30's to describe a collective of 'beautiful people' who gathered in fashionable cafes and nightclubs in New York, London and Paris.)
The third shot is my favourite of the bunch, like a still from an old movie, Arizona looks beautiful and authentic to the time and her dress is utter perfection.

Lisa x
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