Heels - River Island
Bra - Calvin Klein

....There are certain items which form the foundations of a perfect wardrobe. 
A good basic black bra or should i say a great basic black bra and a pair of black heels, two which are key building blocks needed day in day out by almost every woman.
I acquired two pretty perfect versions of these items recently - a CK bra , a present from my best friend - perfect fit, great under clothes and sooo flattering i want to wear it as a bikini! And a pair of pointed heels which i scored by chance in the sale at River Island. I have a similar white pair from Zara i bought last year and have been searching for a black version ever since, finally i can call off the search!

Lisa x


  1. Love your blog!! Go ahead!

  2. I Love bralettes! They look super cute on and even if they show it doesn't matter...plus they are very comfy.




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