....Pyjama Party 2

Cardigan - Topshop
T-shirt - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Trousers - H&M
Heels - River Island
Bag - Mulberry Mitzy Tote

….Ahh pyjama pants, so comfortable and extremley confusing to the opposite sex!
I love these trousers, i bought them last summer from H&M, a print that almost makes you go cock-eyed and a gorgeous icy bluey green. (thats a real colour honest)
Whenever i wear them i feel like it looks as though i’m wearing pyjamas, until yesterday i thought i was maybe alone on that thought….that was until two males on two seperate occasions made comments along the lines of – ‘look at her shes got her pyjamas on’
Me and my friend laughed, maybe they thought i would have felt abit silly or embarassed, i was instead kind of pleased with myself! Ahh yes, the joker becomes the joke-e!!!
I highly recommend dabbling in the pyjama look, you might feel liberated, or maybe a little crazy, but either way i’m sure you will be amused by the crazed looks you will receive from the male species :)

Lisa x


  1. Cute outfit...love bright colors and a cool pattern...TRES CHIC! Love the blog!



  2. Me encanta el color ácido del jersey! mua


  3. love the cardigan!

  4. aaaah I wish I could wear my pijamas all day long... ;)


  5. Loving your style!

    xo Ashleigh



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