....A Merry Little Christmas

From The Top
Wrapping Presents in Brown Paper & Red Ribbons
Baking Christmas Biscuits
The Finished Product To Give With Xmas Gifts
Some Of The Delightful Gifts My Friends Gave Me - Charbonnel & Walker Truffles, Macaroons, Chanel Collections Book, Teacup & Saucer

....I am finally back in business! 
Not having a laptop since Christmas Day has left me feeling like i have been bound and gagged.  I have so much to share and dont really know where to begin.
I guess i should start from where i left off which is the run up to Christmas. 
I had an amazing christmas period, quality time spent with the people that mean the world to me.
I received some amazing gifts and i even splurged on a pretty amazing gift to myself - A treat for working myself to the ground this year. (I will share pics soon, a little clue...her name is Lily)
I am off to Edinburgh for a few days now to celebrate my anniversary with my beau.
New outfit pics to post soon

Lisa x


  1. Those tree cookies are so pretty! I hope you had a wonderful christmas and new years!



  2. Thanks Lauren...literally took me hours to decorate them! my christmas and new years was amazing, hope yours was just as good x


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