...Turban Time!

Turban - Old from Topshop
Jumper - Old from H&M
Trousers - Zara
Bag - Mulberry
Boots - New Look

...."Never underestimate the importance of a good hat" - A statement which should be branded above all womens wardrobes worldwide.
They can turn a boring outfit into something exciting and are a lifesaver when you cant be bothered or dont have the time to do your hair. 
I have never been a stranger to them, my hat style of choice is...the turban.
Favoured in the 1930s as glamourous headwear which flattered the popular short hairstyles of the time and made popular again by women in the 1940s and 50s. 
British Vogue apparently declared it in 1941 as 'a practical hat which would keep you looking groomed no matter what the weather.'  I not only second that notion but third and fourth it, if thats possible!
Worn by various religions and cultures in past and present as a symbol of honour, status and heritage, the turban is iconic, mysterious, practical and glamorous.

Lisa x

....Shoe Heaven

Louis Vuitton SS12 Shoes
Images via Style.com

....More often than not i favour a pointed shoe, classic, elegant and slightly businesslike.
Louis Vuittons Spring Summer 2012 RTW shoes are like a dream, silver and white always a perfect pairing and slip on - a perfect summer sandal alternative and no rubbing of the heels!

Lisa x

....Karl Lagerfeld Interview on Chanel..Métiers d'Art

Video via www.youtube.com

....An interview with the main man Karl Lagerfeld on his Paris-Bombay Chanel Collection 2011/12  - A marrying of Parisian, English and Indian elegant style.

"Its pale, its not aggressive, its not there to be rich, its there to look good" - wise words, wise man, beautiful collection.

Lisa x

....Chanel Pre-Fall 2012... 'Métiers d'Art'

Images via www.style.com
Moodboards created by myself

....There are no words to describe how i feel about this collection, its the kind that stops you in your tracks and makes your heart flutter for a little while.
Who knew an infusion of Parisian and Indian style could be so chic?!
The signature Chanel look is present throughout the collection with tweed, skirt suits and monochrome details but they are blended with intricate headpieces and luxurious embelishments to give an Indian feel.
Wrap style skirts are layered over slim leg trousers and even head scarves and turbans are included.
The overall feel of the collection is ladylike, modest and ever so elegant....good work Lagerfeld!

Lisa x

....Menswear Trends SS12

Images via Style.com
Moodboards My Own
...Every year December has me in two contrasting moods.
On one hand i am feeling all festive and counting down the days until Christmas, but on the other i am thinking ahead to Springtime! 
I recently had to compile a report on the trends for Menswear Spring Summer 2012 for work and thought i would share some of the moodboards with you.
Working in mens fashion influences my personal style all the time, wether its a blazer with a pocket square, a pair of tailored trousers or a simple pair of brogues...the influence is always present.
Womens fashion this season has also showed its appreciation for men style with the androgynous look more present than ever.
Whats your favourite Menswear look for next season? 
Mine is a toss up between Relaxed Tailoring and Soft Metal.... A grey linen double breasted suit and a soft silver tee ticks all of my boxes!

Lisa x

...Louis Vuittons Australian Animals

Images via

....Incredible window displays at Louis Vuitton stores by British artist Billie Achilleos.
Louis Vuitton commisoned the sculptures by Billie using their handbags and accessories to celebrate 100 years of their SLG Collection.
The amazing artist added further sculptures to the range when the new Australian Maison opened recently of typically Australian animals such as The Kangaroo! Bloody brilliant!

Lisa x

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