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....November has arrived and so far the temperatures are holding up in the double digits.
The weather has a tendancy to do this almost every year, pretends we are going to have a reasonable winter, then all of a sudden...we swap climates with Siberia and are knee deep in snow!
With this in mind i have been searching desperatley for the perfect winter coat, so far no luck whatsoever. The highstreet has a whole host of options for coats this season in a range of colours, styles and fabrics. None of which seem to fit the credentials that i am after...
I am searching for a simple camel coloured coat in a sort of mans overcoat style. No bells and whistles, just very straight with maybe a breast pocket if i'm being picky but thats about all.  Ashley Olsen was pictured recently wearing one that is on the money for me, but a more purse friendly version is needed.  
Further updates on this quest to follow....

Lisa x

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