....Theres no place like home

Navy Blazer - Zara
 T-shirt - Zara
Burgandy Trousers - Zara
Glitter detail Sandals - Zara
Mitzy Tote Bag - Mulberry

….Theres no place like home….theres no place like home!
This is me channelling my inner Dorothy in my new glittery heels…okay so they arent ruby red or slippers but they ARE glittery!
I bought these from Zara last week, they are a beautiful sleek and simple design but the contrasting giltter detail turns them into a very special shoe indeed.
A day off from work and a rare occasion where at least one friend is actually available to meet for lunch and coffee. Followed by an early evening movie and dinner with the boyfriend...bliss
I seem to be having abit of a thing with orange at the moment, a variation of shades but orange all the same. Must be the autumn leave laiden streets where i live....soo many beautiful colours - the landscape really is at its prettiest at this time of year :)
Lisa x

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