....Rooftop Blues

Leather Jacket - H&M
Snood - H&M
Tailored Trousers - Zara
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Zara
....I saw this jacket in H&M a few weeks ago and i knew straight away it belonged in my wardrobe.
The body is a beautiful rusty coloured leather and the contrasting black fabric sleeves make it look as though i am wearing a gilet. 
The drawstring waist gives the option of a more feminine silhouette which can also be pulled loose to give it a more boxier look - two looks in one, score!
It reminds me of Acnes AW11 collection (see previous fall recap post)which was also the inspiration behind the blue bag i paired with it...and the white Zara pumps are definitley becoming a firm favourite of mine.
On another note...what did everyone do today? did anyone in the UK strike? did you use it as an excuse to stay off work and go shopping? It seemed like most people did, it was sooo busy in the city centre today where i live with people christmas shopping!
I however was on an official day off, no skiving or striking for me and i made the most of it by indulging in all things christmassy! -Christmas present shopping, a trip to a christmas market and i even queued to see the Fenwicks department store christmas window in all its glory! - A wonderful wonderful day

 Lisa x

...The Divine Woman

Images from various sources via google

....A friends recent hunt for a simple bra minus padding and cleavage boosters has had me pondering eras past.
A time when women were elegant, were the focus of their outfit was not their cleavage but their waist, when pale was interesting and short hair was chic.
Greta Garbo and Audrey Hepburn, two women who had style in abundance and the two women each of my grandmothers were named after.
They were both partly responsible for the trenchcoat, the roll neck jumper and pencil skirt becoming wardrobe staples and their signature style has influenced fashion ever since.


....Fall Recap

Images via style.com, collages my own

....A selection of some of my favourite looks from the AW11 collections. The winter season is in full swing and at this point of the year, its easy to be tempted by the spring pieces cropping up online and instores. 
Browsing through style.coms catwalk section, i was reminded of some of the fall looks that had me wanting to fast forward to winter.

Lisa x

....Face Value

Vogue Paris November Issue, Beauty Editorial
Isabeli Fontana, Arizona Muse, Karolina Kurkova

....Some of the biggest supermodels of the moment giving good face in Paris Vogues November issue. 
To be honest i dont think there is anything you could possibly do to make these ladies not look beautiful, but by god dont they just!? 
My favourite shot is the one of Arizona Muse wearing a delicate headdress of roses. The shades of pink in the flowers and make-up palette contrast so effectivley with her piercing green eyes, the image is just breathtaking.

Lisa x

....You fit me better than my favourite sweater


Cable Knit Jumper - Topman
Side Stripe Trousers - Zara
Pointed Stiletto - Zara
Mitzy Bag - Mulberry

....The big debut! Yes here it is, my new favourite roll-neck jumper....from Topman.
Knitwear is having a moment, especially roll necks, with one magazine stating recently that retailers have reported a huge increase in sales of them this year! I am not even slightly suprised...functional, stylish and so bloody warm, they are a godsend when temperatures plummet. This Topman version is perfect, a deep deep shade of maroon with a statement cable knit design.
I bought the trousers i paired it with back in the summer from Zara. They are so comfortable (my boyfriend thinks they look like pyjamas) and are versatile enough to wear with pretty much anything in my wardrobe. 
Tomorrow will see the launch of Versace for H&M, my guess is that it is going to be sold out and pretty quick for that matter! I wont be making any purchases from it or camping out outside a store...but will you?

Lisa x

...Holidays Are Coming!

Starbucks Takeaway Christmas Slogan Cups :)

....Remembering Sunday

Coat - River Island
Roll-neck Jumper - Zara
Metallic Pencil Skirt - River Island 
Tote Bag - H&M
Ankle Boots - New Look

An outfit post to remember

- Its Remembrance Sunday, A special day to mark the anniversary of the end of the World War 1.
A day to remember the service men and women who served in the armed forces during this conflict and defended their countries...the United Kingdom being one of those.

...Today i wrapped up warm in a huge roll neck jumper, my new coat and of course wore a poppy pin :)
I picked up this metallic pencil skirt a couple of months ago now, its served me pretty well. I've wore it dressed up with a silk blouse and a clutch bag on a night out and dressed it down during the day with chunky knitwear. The tote bag i am wearing is also becoming a firm favourite of mine. Neutral colours and an absolute steal at £15!
Early signs of an obsession are definitley showing, the obsession - roll neck jumpers. 
I cant get enough of them at the moment, the Zara one i am wearing was another steal at £19.99! It only comes in one size which is actually quite refreshing as it is huuuuge for me but i kinda like it that way. I picked another one up today, this one is from a mens brand and it is perfect! I will debut it sometime this week

Lisa x

....US Vogues Best Dressed

....'Are there any more chic, stylish, cool, and original sisters than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? They are incredibly stylish,' said Mark Holgate the editor of US Vogues Best Dressed Issue, and i could not agree more!
Their personal style is admirable, both girls arent afraid to take risks and they clearly wear what they like when they like, with no one telling them any different. 
The two child stars have made themselves one hell of an empire. Brand Olsen is worth billions,are you suprised?!
Their high end clothing brands 'The Row' and 'Elizabeth & James' are hugely successful, producing beautifully chic, wearable seperates and luxurious classic pieces.
They are more than worthy to wear the best dressed crowns in my eyes...

Sisters are well and truly doing it for themselves!

Lisa x


Camel Blazer- Topshop
Cropped Jumper - H&M
Leather look Trousers - H&M
Tote Bag - H&M
Shoes - Zara

….Winter finally seems to have kicked in, theres abit of a chill to the breeze and as i sit and type this in starbucks…christmas music is even playing over the speakers!
The change in the weather has had me on a desperate search for the perfect winter coat and yesterday i found a pretty close contender, a 3/4 length tan number with a breast pocket :)
I have been shielding myself with a wool camel blazer, knitwear and snoods of late but i am pretty sure snow and freezing temperatures arent too far away.
I am now panic buying knits, coats and boots as though we are never going to see the sunshine again!
I picked up the above two tone tote bag on one of these frantic shopping trips which deserves a special mention….it was only £14.99 from H&M!!
It is real suede and reminds me of the celine styles featured heavily in the summer.

Yes i am still clinging on to my strappy Zara sandals, they have served me so well this summer and i am sad to finally put them to the back of my wardrobe...toes are getting abit too chilly now :(
On my shopping list right now....some sleek black shoe boots.

The title of this post and my blazer worn as a cape is a special reminder that us women can do anything!I have been working my ass off at work recently and received praise from one of the top dogs in the company...makes it all worthwhile...big smiles!

Lisa x

....Feeling Festive

Red Jumper - H&M
Leather Trousers - Topshop
Snakeskin Ankle Boots - ZARA
Watch - Casio
Tote Bag - Mulberry

…Some may say its too early, I however am in full festive swing!
I bought this red wool jumper last week from H&M, it is soo warm, a beautiful bright red and has a slash neck – a change from my many roll neck jumpers.
It also reminds me that christmas is just around the corner…
I am starting early this year, i’ve already purchased two christmas presents and intend to get all my christmas shopping done and dusted by the beginning of December.
I'm definitley not the only one in the festive spirit, Starbucks have released their red xmas cups and they have the cutest slogans on them. I wont ruin the suprise for those that havent had the pleasure yet but maybe i will tell you just one to get you in the mood, theres a few different variations...
"Every day is a snowday when we are together" - it warms the heart!

Lisa x

....Over coats

From the top
Ashley Olsen (pic www.olsensanonymous.blogspot.com)
Fashion Blogger 'The Clothes Whisperer'(www.theclotheswhisperer.co.uk)
The Olsen Twins (olsensanonymous)

....November has arrived and so far the temperatures are holding up in the double digits.
The weather has a tendancy to do this almost every year, pretends we are going to have a reasonable winter, then all of a sudden...we swap climates with Siberia and are knee deep in snow!
With this in mind i have been searching desperatley for the perfect winter coat, so far no luck whatsoever. The highstreet has a whole host of options for coats this season in a range of colours, styles and fabrics. None of which seem to fit the credentials that i am after...
I am searching for a simple camel coloured coat in a sort of mans overcoat style. No bells and whistles, just very straight with maybe a breast pocket if i'm being picky but thats about all.  Ashley Olsen was pictured recently wearing one that is on the money for me, but a more purse friendly version is needed.  
Further updates on this quest to follow....

Lisa x

....Theres no place like home

Navy Blazer - Zara
 T-shirt - Zara
Burgandy Trousers - Zara
Glitter detail Sandals - Zara
Mitzy Tote Bag - Mulberry

….Theres no place like home….theres no place like home!
This is me channelling my inner Dorothy in my new glittery heels…okay so they arent ruby red or slippers but they ARE glittery!
I bought these from Zara last week, they are a beautiful sleek and simple design but the contrasting giltter detail turns them into a very special shoe indeed.
A day off from work and a rare occasion where at least one friend is actually available to meet for lunch and coffee. Followed by an early evening movie and dinner with the boyfriend...bliss
I seem to be having abit of a thing with orange at the moment, a variation of shades but orange all the same. Must be the autumn leave laiden streets where i live....soo many beautiful colours - the landscape really is at its prettiest at this time of year :)
Lisa x
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