....A Sharks Tale

Jumper - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Bag - Kurt Geiger
Sandals - Zara

....Ok thats it...summer is now over for me! Apologies for the lack of posting, i have just arrived back from my Egypt trip and i made a last minute decision to void all communication before i left.  
Egypt was beautiful as always..lots of sunshine, the best company and a break from working was much needed for me!
As much as i loved my time away, i was kinda relieved to get home and be able to shop again.
On my first day back home i made up for lost time and bought this grey Topshop jumper and silver skirt. This skirt is just what i have been looking for, a stand in for Alexander Wangs statement satin ribbon dress, a beautiful cut and perfect colour. The most amazing thing about this skirt is how it moves when you walk, from the front it looks like short wrap skirt but it has a floor length train at the back which moves fluidly with every step.
Another purchase i am more than chuffed about and again another Wang stand in is my silver metallic Kurt Geiger bag. I used this bag over and over again in Egypt, it doesnt hold much and is more of a purse than a bag but i love it all the same. 
The weather is so cold now in Newcastle and apparently snow isnt far away so i am sure i will be cranking up the layering action in the next few weeks, but i have to say i am actually looking forward to it...the layering that is...NOT the snow!!

Lisa x
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