....Fine Wine

Roll-neck Jumper - River Island
Pencil Skirt - Topshop 
Snakeskin Clutch - Zara
Platform Sandals - Office

…A best friend is like a good pair of shoes. You know the pair that seem to go with everything, are just so damn comfortable and everytime you wear them your so glad you bought them? In my case i am definitley referring to my black Zara strappy sandals i bought for a mere £29,99 (They are featured endlessly on this blog) and more importantly to a dear dear friend named Madeleine. You may be wondering what this has to do with my outfit post, but here i am pictured on my way to meet said friend for an evening of dinner and drinks. 
We hadnt seen eachother for a while but time apart is never an issue whenever we meet. Conversation always flows and i am reminded yet again why we became friends in the first place. We both met up wearing chunky roll neck jumpers both fashioning shades of burgandy and both carrying snakeskin clutch bags! Our similar taste in clothing is scary and amusing at times. Maybe it was a slight lack of judgement on both our parts since we were having dinner at an indian restaurant!?
Nevertheless the evening was a fabulous one and this post is a dedicated to her :)
To finish off i have to comment on the jumper i am wearing, i bought it last week from River Island for a reasonable £39.99. I stumbled upon it on my lunchbreak not expecting to find anything so amazing in such a quick trip. I love how it is two toned and the colour pallette makes it such a versitile piece. I have since found it comes in a monochrome cream and black version too...would it be awful if it also ended up in my wardrobe??  

Lisa x
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