....I just want to say a huge thank you to all my blog readers and chictopians that vote for my photos on chictopia.com
For those of you that arent familiar with Chictopia, it is a sort of social networking site for fashion lovers where your able to share outfit photos and vote and earn points whilst doing so.
Each day the administrators of the site choose 5 outfit pics which have received alot of interest from the community and they feature them on the top of their homepage.
Last week, i was chosen to feature on the homepage! and not only that i was chosen as the number one photo which means your photo is the largest. I received over 200 votes from chictopians and so many sweet comments!
If you havent checked out chictopia already make sure you do so, even if you dont want to post its a great place for inspiration. And if you like any of my outfit posts on here be sure to vote for them over at my chictopia page..



Lisa x

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