.......Most Stylish?

From the top - 
Me sitting with some of the finalists of 'Newcastles Most Stylish'
Fashion TV presenter reporting on the Most Stylish awards night
Again me sitting with finalists waiting to find out the winner....Me!!!!
Me and my friend Kirsty at the clothes store 'Cruise' choosing my £500 prize!
Kirsty enjoying the champagne!
My prize...hmmm what did i choose???

...I am pleased and very honoured to announce the winner of 'Newcastles Most Stylish'......MEEEEEEEEE! High five peeps we frikkin did it! I was invited to the awards night where they announced the winner (this was 2 weeks ago now) it was also the closing party for NCL fashion week. I had no idea what was going on and was 100% sure of who was going to take the crown..a guy called Richard who was sporting a bow tie. When they announced my name as the winner i had to be prompted to go up to the stage as it didnt really sink in! - i'm not the girl who normally wins things like this, i'm the little quiet girl in the corner with braces - Ugly Betty! I won some absolutley amazing prizes...A £500 champagne shopping spree in 'Cruise' (designer store) , VIP backstage passes to the 'Evolution' music festival, A shoot in a Newcastle newspaper and some other things. 
I went to Cruise to choose my prize two days later as i wanted something i could take with me to Italy. I took my friend Kirsty who also came to the awards night with me. We spent two hours looking around, trying on louboutins and drinking champagne. In the end i chose....wait for it....A black Mulberry tote bag! I was in desperate need of a nice black day bag and the one i chose is a transformer bag that changes into two totally different styles.
I will post some pics of me wearing it in Milan soon.

Lisa x
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