.......Chanel Cruise Collection 2011/12

From top - Natasha Poly, Magdelena Frackowiak and Baptiste Giabiconi
 Photos from www.holymoly.com

....If you haven't checked out Chanels Cruise Collection 11/12 please do so immediatley!! (link at bottom of post)
Cruise/Resort collections are strange things. A wardrobe for that essential cruise we all have between seasons where neither summer nor winter clothes will do...Oh if only! I have to be honest i was alot more excited by Chanels Cruise 10/11. But there was one item in particular which won me over...the turban Baptiste was sporting! He looked like a beautiful Maharaja...or maybe thats just me? (embarrassed face) 
There were two models i have to say, who stomped that runway like it was nobodys buisiness!! - Natasha Poly and Magdelena Frackowiak.(Photos above) Both of them looked so fabulous and confident flinging their coats and towels around, mind you they didnt have ackward outfits to walk in like some of the others! 
Make sure you check out the link to watch the full show below as there are plenty of other great outfits to see.

Lisa x

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