......Believe it......Achieve it :)

Beautiful photos from Specular

....Some more behind the scenes pics from the 'F Vodka Launch' fashion show. I also helped out at an Adidas Originals fashion show on Thursday for the clubnight 'Lovedough'. It went really well, i spent most the evening curling hair...the things you do!  I will get some of those pics up soon but wanted to share these F Vodka behind the scenes ones first...its nice when someone snaps you in action :) I'm not a  massive fan of a 'posey' pic! i just aint a model unfortunatley :s  The fourth pic above is my best friend and styling partner - Madeleine BowdenThis weeks fashion shows confirmed why we make such a great team...they do say two heads are better than one! I look forward to what the future holds for us two...

Lisa x

......Vanilla Sky

Open Knit Jumper - Topshop
Cropped Trousers - Zara
Wedges - Topshop
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

.....Right this minute

....Doing a spot of research ahead of next weeks trip to Northern Italy :P

......Purple Haze

Mexican illustrator Prince Lauder - Mixed Media Collages

....Love these collages by illustrator Prince Lauder! I do alot of illustration work at university where i study Fashion and i always appreciate a good illustrator. Of course art/fashion is subjective, personal taste and all that...some people could be looking blankly at the screen right now thinking 'i just dont get it?!'
On a different note, Today marks the start of 'Newcastle Fashion Week'. Tomorrow i am helping style three fashion shows for Fashion TVs F Vodka Launch at Tup Tup Palace Nightclub. Hopefully i will have time to get some cheeky snaps to put up on here :)

Lisa x

.......New Shoes!

White Wedges - Topshop

.......Chanel Cruise Collection 2011/12

From top - Natasha Poly, Magdelena Frackowiak and Baptiste Giabiconi
 Photos from www.holymoly.com

....If you haven't checked out Chanels Cruise Collection 11/12 please do so immediatley!! (link at bottom of post)
Cruise/Resort collections are strange things. A wardrobe for that essential cruise we all have between seasons where neither summer nor winter clothes will do...Oh if only! I have to be honest i was alot more excited by Chanels Cruise 10/11. But there was one item in particular which won me over...the turban Baptiste was sporting! He looked like a beautiful Maharaja...or maybe thats just me? (embarrassed face) 
There were two models i have to say, who stomped that runway like it was nobodys buisiness!! - Natasha Poly and Magdelena Frackowiak.(Photos above) Both of them looked so fabulous and confident flinging their coats and towels around, mind you they didnt have ackward outfits to walk in like some of the others! 
Make sure you check out the link to watch the full show below as there are plenty of other great outfits to see.

Lisa x

.......Oh Beha-ve! :P

Freja Beha Erichsen & Tomek Szczukiecki Interview Magazine May Issue

....After watching Chanels 'The Tale Of A Fairy' and falling in love with Freja Beha Erichsen AGAIN i stumbled over this editorial from Interview Magazines May issue. She looks beautiful as usual and ever so chic! Oh how i would love my man to walk along side me dressed sharply and smelling my hair!

Lisa x

Chanel Cruise 2012 - The Tale of a Fairy by Karl Lagerfeld: Preview

.......'Newcastles Most Stylish'

....The other day i got snapped whilst i was shopping in the city for 'Newcastles Most Stylish'. I had no idea what it was actually for until my friend tagged me in the photo on Facebook the next day! Newcastle is holding a 'fashion week' May 15th-21st, all sorts of stuff is going on like Northumbria Universitys Graduate Show, Fashion TV's F Vodka launch at Tup Tup Palace (club)and another thing is the Most Stylish Competition. A team are out snapping in Newcastles centre for a couple of weeks, the pics are then uploaded to Facebook, the 10 people with the most 'likes' of their photos go to the final and attend the Fashion TV Vodka launch. After that a judging panel decide on the overall winner who wins a £500 shopping experience at a designer store in Newcastle called Cruise. I am not into competition at all and especially not one for bragging and thinking i am some big shot cool dude! ...But man i would love that £500 for some Louboutins!! would i noooot!

Lisa x

.......Bella Italia

Hat - Vintage
Grey Jumper - H&M
Cream Pleated Dress (worn as skirt) - Topshop
Bag - Mulberry - Mila Mini
Shoes - Office

....Ooooo yeaaaah 2 weeks my friends and i shall be embarking on a beautiful adventure! I am going on holiday with my best friend...1 week in Malta, 1 week travelling around northern Italy (Milan, Venice, Verona etc) and finishing off with another week in Malta! I am soo bloody excited! I have never been to Italy before and have a strong feeling i am going to fall deeply in love with the place. Cant wait to share all the pics on here :)

Lisa x

......Mr Wang you are spoiling us

Alexander Wang dressing Natasha Poly for The Met Gala 2011 (Photos from AlexanderWangNY twitter/Facebook)

....Alexander Wang is just so frikkin amazing to me! apart from the fact that we probably look pretty similar from behind,my boyish skinny frame n dark mid length hair :S  (i wonder if anyone looked at the first pic and was like oh wooow she is helping dress Natasha for the Met!tee hee)but anyways..he just knows how to dress a woman soo damn well! The fact that Natasha Poly can probably throw a bin bag on and look stunning is besides the point. The colour of this gown, the simplicity and cut is ever so pretty :) I thought i would share these behind the scenes pics before the overload from the actual Met Ball surface shortly..not that i'm not excited for them or anything! :P

Lisa x

......Zara forever in my heart :P

                  ZARA Kids Lookbook April 11'  ......A-mazing!


......The Real Street Peep Of The Week!

....Street Peep Of The Week - Numero Tres
Sometimes, the smallest detail can make you stylish in the eyes of others.
For this young lady it has to be her golden curly locks.Whilst her outfit is a simple
tee and shorts combo, her overall look is very cute and quirky. She looks like an
American 'cool' kid...and i like it  :)

Lisa x

...Beautiful Sky

Blazer - Zara
Mesh Tee - American Apparel
Leather Trousers - Topshop
Sandals - Zara
Bag - H&M
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