.....Street Peep Of The Week!

....Newcastle is not the most amazing city in the world in terms of quirky and unique style...most guys and girls rock the same look... girls..cheryl cole, boys...allsaints mannequin  :p
However, i worked on a river island street style job recently and did discover there are actually a small number of peeps in this city who do rock some pretty cool shiz! i will share some of my fav peeps with you over the next few weeks....or try to :)

Street Peep Of The Week Numero Uno -
What i like so much about this guy is, he walked past me with his shirt over his shoulder (like so in the shot above) with his cool tats and curly head of hair and when i stopped him and asked for a shot he told me he hadnt been to sleep and was doing the walk of shame!! He has a nice retro/indie style - old skool mickey mouse tee and casio watch and looks like a guy who doesnt take himself too seriously....curly unstyled hair and specs...winning!

Lisa x
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