.......A Right Royal Affair

Jumper - Oxfam
Belt - H&M
Dress(worn as skirt) - American Apparel
Shoes - Oasis
Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs - Hayley :)

....did someone get married today?? Teehee
Oh how fabulous was The Royal wedding of William & Kate! i didnt think i was too bothered by it until i rolled up to the screening i was working at! I started to feel a tiny bit emotional and ever so proud to be British as i stood eating my scone! < not even kiddin! Personally i was very pleased with her choice of dress, not what i expected but i think she chose well - a perfect mix of traditional and modern  :)
She looked very beautiful and elegant and they just looked soo much in love!

Lisa x

.......Je Suis Desolee

 Blazer - Zara
Vest - H&M
Leather Trousers - Topshop
Bag - H&M
Shoes - Zara 

...Sunny weather is still going strong in Newcastle which is extremley extremley unusual! It is warming me up for my summer holiday which shall commence in T minus 2 weeks!!!!
Today i met my friend Stefania who i worked with in Bulgaria last summer, we havent met up for months which is awful considering last year we shared a room and a life! We did abit of shopping, had way too much Yo Sushi and then starbucks....she even managed to flirt her way to free cake for us! Score! I stood by in fits of laughter ever so embarassed...the loser that i am
So i finally cracked out my white blazer which i got from Zara a little while back and paired it with a citrus vest and leather pants..and yes i am aware i am wearing the little black Zara sandals to deaaaath, maybe a shoe shop is in order?
Lisa x

.......Street peep of laaast weeek!

Street Peep Of The Week Numero dos -
....How sweet does this young lady look :) She has a cute vintage style, i love her black tutu and blush brogues! Her look is very 'put together' with her hair neatly tied in a headscarf,  but the colour pallette and manish shoes give it a nice edge.
She is a fashion student at Northumbria University in Newcastle (like myself) and a well deserving 'Street Peep Of The Week!' x

....On another note, The big wedding i was attending on the weekend went as well as it could i suppose! The bride looked soo beautiful and the venue was very elegant, chandeliers and all, i shall post pics once i get them all in order

Lisa x 

......Mashallah :)

From Top - Mehndi stage (Where Bride sits)
Fruit & sweets to feed Bride 
Pink theme - A guests shoes
Henna plates
Family dance for Bride
Jasmine flower bracelet (Gift for me)
Me beforehand

....Lastnight was a good friend of mines 'Mehndi night' - A Pakistani sort of 'Hen night' for those who were wondering what on earth i was talking about! The bride to be sits on a beautiful stage whilst her guests put henna on her, feed her sweets, dance for her and take lots of photos. It was a lovely evening, i took my best friend Madeleine for company :) The pics above give you a sneeky glimpse. The actual wedding is on Sunday, cant wait to wear my sari!

Lisa x

Follow my blog with bloglovin

....To all my readers....please follow my blog by clicking follow on the sidebar of my page, (Either on Google or Bloglovin)  i have so many stats each week but only one reader is following me :(  Would be much appreciated ya'll

Lisa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

.....Street Peep Of The Week!

....Newcastle is not the most amazing city in the world in terms of quirky and unique style...most guys and girls rock the same look... girls..cheryl cole, boys...allsaints mannequin  :p
However, i worked on a river island street style job recently and did discover there are actually a small number of peeps in this city who do rock some pretty cool shiz! i will share some of my fav peeps with you over the next few weeks....or try to :)

Street Peep Of The Week Numero Uno -
What i like so much about this guy is, he walked past me with his shirt over his shoulder (like so in the shot above) with his cool tats and curly head of hair and when i stopped him and asked for a shot he told me he hadnt been to sleep and was doing the walk of shame!! He has a nice retro/indie style - old skool mickey mouse tee and casio watch and looks like a guy who doesnt take himself too seriously....curly unstyled hair and specs...winning!

Lisa x

.......Fashion Street

London - Last Summer with the Bf :)

.......Black & Yellow :)

Jumper, Belt & Shoes - Zara
Skirt - H&M
Cardigan - Topshop
Bag - Marc By Marc Jacobs
Cuff - Egypt purchase :)

....Oh how much joy clothes can give you! here is me taking 'Hayley' (my marc jacobs bag) out to lunch with my motherin :)  The weather is still holding up here in Newcastle, not as much sun but still warm! I am wearing a yellow gold skirt i bought last week from H&M, today this little beauty received two compliments from passers by asking where i got it from...good times! 

Lisa X

.....Zara Lookbook April 11

Images via Zara.com

....I make no secret of the fact i am a huge fan of Zara and when their April Lookbook arrived in my inbox today, i wasnt dissapointed! Beautiful chic seperatesbrights and metallics paired with snake and floral prints, slick hair, red lips...need i say more?
Check out the collection and the full lookbook online www.zara.com  

Lisa x

.......Only yesterday was the time of our lives

    Hat - 'The Berkley' My Grandads
Dress - Topshop
Cardigan - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - Zara

....Random but lovely day today....beach and fish and chips. The weather has been insane this week in the UK! Soooo sunny everyday and really mild. I have met up with alot of friends this week for lunch and chill time which has been nice. My bf's sister is gettin married in a couple of weeks time, they're asian and are having a traditional wedding. The other day i went Sari shopping with her and my best friend Maddie - she is my plus 1! We found two gorgeous Sarees which i just cant wait to wear, they make you feel like a princess...outfit posts to follow the wedding of course :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 

Lisa x

.......Your love is my drug

All Zara items

....I am no stranger to Zara and this week i think i may be paying them a visit...several times! They have some absolutley gorgeous pieces coming through at the moment, slick seperates, rainbow brights, clinical whites and everything else i dream of!  I ended up deciding on some cute pouches with contrasting zips, a pair of strappy heels for running around town in the summer, raspberry coloured cropped trousers and finally i found a white jacket! I have been desperatley hunting for one to pair with white cropped trousers as a suit but could not find a nice one anywhere! the material was either wrong or the colour was off, but finally Zara rolled out this little gem! It has black lapels inside which can be turned out or it can be worn all white..just perfect :)

Lisa  X
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