.....Let it snow!

....Its been almost a month since my last post!i must try harder to get into bloggin.
What a change of scenery it is where i live.....the snow has been unbeliveable!
It just hasnt stopped for about 10 days now!! Its sooo pretty to look at but a massive pain for travelling in. One positive is that i havent been able to go to university...instead i have been hanging with my best friend madeleine, pilates classes, cappucinos, business plans, handbreak turns...heaps of fun! I now feel i am getting abit of cabin fever though! All of the above fun has been had in the small town i live in..Cramlington....i need to get into THE CITY!!!!!! Soooo tonight i am dragging my boyfriend for dinner :)

The photos above i took on the first day of the snow! I met a few of my friends for lunch in The City and i couldnt believe it when it started to snow....seems like a lifetime ago now!!!! We went to an xmas market which had allsorts of amazing sweet things.....you have to love the festive period

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