....Goodbye 2010....hello 2011!! 2010 was a whirlwind of a year, i swear it was the most time i have ever spent away from the UK!
This year i plan to travel even more hopefully and of course to work work work and play a little too :)
...to kickstart the year i am going to jet off to my beloved Egypt for a cheeky little week with the beloved boyfriend!
I am feeling rather organised at the moment so have started planning what to take with me, we leave in 2 weeks time.
To those of you who read my post about my facination with electric blue at the moment...i finally purchased something of that shade, some electric blue vintage cord shorts..and me likey very much!
With a little help from the fabulous Jil Sander SS11 collection i decided to pair them with a plain white tee and pink lips and threw in a bright green bag for good measure!
Cant wait to get to egypt to wear this outfit outside of my bedroom.

Best Wishes To One And All For 2011!!

☮ Lisa

.....Keira Knightley Vogue UK Jan issue

 Last two pics - Google images

....Keira Knightley looks absolutley amazing on the cover for Januarys Vogue UK!
The red lipstick & red flower necklace paired with the monochrome dress and smokey eyes looks very chic! She looks abit like Winona Ryder in the 90's with her short hair and also has a hint of Natalie Portman about her! what do you think of it?

Lisa x

.....Let it snow!

....Its been almost a month since my last post!i must try harder to get into bloggin.
What a change of scenery it is where i live.....the snow has been unbeliveable!
It just hasnt stopped for about 10 days now!! Its sooo pretty to look at but a massive pain for travelling in. One positive is that i havent been able to go to university...instead i have been hanging with my best friend madeleine, pilates classes, cappucinos, business plans, handbreak turns...heaps of fun! I now feel i am getting abit of cabin fever though! All of the above fun has been had in the small town i live in..Cramlington....i need to get into THE CITY!!!!!! Soooo tonight i am dragging my boyfriend for dinner :)

The photos above i took on the first day of the snow! I met a few of my friends for lunch in The City and i couldnt believe it when it started to snow....seems like a lifetime ago now!!!! We went to an xmas market which had allsorts of amazing sweet things.....you have to love the festive period

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